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Empress Effects - MIDIBOX2


The Midibox2 allows you to connect Empress Pedals equipped with a control port to MIDI. It converts the standard 5 pin MIDI cable to a simple guitar patch cable.

R2,155.19 inc. VAT

Available on back-order


  • Control Empress Pedals with MIDI – Use MIDI to control any Empress pedal equipped with a control port.
  • Control up to 4 pedals at once – The midibox has 4 control port outputs that let you control up to 4 Empress pedals simultaneously.
  • MIDI out – set the internal dip switch to accept midi out messages from the control port and relay them to the other control ports and the midi thru/out connector.
  • LED feedback – LEDs light up, letting you know when and where MIDI messagess are being sent.


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